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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced that it has expelled Halcyon and Josephberg, along with other officers of the Halcyon, from the securities industry.  FINRA’s investigation found that Halcyon, Morris and Heineman, along with a previously barred registered representative, Craig Josephberg, agreed to conceal the discount the issuer provided to a venture capital firm when it purchased a private placement in a cancer drug development company. The scheme was effected through a bogus placement fee agreement that was entered into after the venture capital firm had already agreed to purchase the entirety of the offerings. Halcyon did not perform any work, as there was already a buyer in place, but rather returned almost all of its $1.75 million placement fee to the investor through sham consulting agreements. This fraudulent scheme allowed the drug company to conceal that it was selling its shares at a discount.

FINRA also found that Morris falsified Halcyon’s books and records to conceal Josephberg’s sales of securities in states where he was not registered, including Florida, Texas and Colorado. Halcyon also failed to supervise Josephberg, who churned retail customer accounts and effected unauthorized trades

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