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Investors have rights to recover losses from fraud or negligence.

Mr. Hildebrandt agreed to a four-month suspension and a $5000 fine for the altering of investor documents.  Between 2009 and 2017 he altered over 90 investor documents.  These documents include new account documents, documents that identify an investors risk tolerance and investment objectives, along with money transfer forms and other documents.  This was done as an accommodation to approximately 30 investors and FINRA acknowledges that many, if not all, were authorized.

The regulatory action was finalized on July 30, 2020.

This was not the first time he was warned not to alter investor documents.  Additionally, four customer complaints were filed by investors against Hildebrandt or his employer concerning the investment sales practices of Hildebrand.  This includes allegations misrepresentations as to accounts, tax ramifications and investment products such as annuities.  Additionally, he was accused multiple times of misappropriating funds.

In 2018, he ceased working with Principal and his CRD, his record maintained by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, does not indicate current employment with a licensed securities firm.