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Doug McKelvey is accused of misappropriation of client funds. Regulators barred this ex-Morgan Stanley broker from the securities industry in August 2022. Call 1-844-253-5858 toll-free nationwide if you were an investor of McKelvey.

Morgan Stanley terminated McKelvey in April 2022 for his “unauthorized activity and misappropriation of funds from client accounts, which were held by relatives of the representative.” This means that his employer believed that he was making unauthorized transactions, which often include churning. This was in addition to stealing funds investor accounts.

Lawsuits followed the allegations. Morgan Stanley settled one of the lawsuits for $1.2 million. The second suit is still pending. These lawsuits were filed as arbitrations with FINRA. Morgan Stanley, like all FINRA members, has a mandatory arbitration clause in its investor contracts. Criminal charges have not yet been filed but may be pending.

McKelvey refused to defend himself when given the opportunity to do so. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, then barred him from the securities industry for failing to cooperate in the FINRA investigation.

McKelvey operated primarily in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex and did so for approximately 20 years. He worked with UBS and Citi Group prior to his employment with Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley stated, “McKelvey was terminated following an internal review regarding allegations that he engaged in unauthorized activity and misappropriation of funds from accounts held by a small number of his relatives.”

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Doug McKelvey is accused of stealing millions. Financial advisors do not always act in their investors’ best interests. Criminal charges are rarely brought. Investors need seeking recourse need to contact a private attorney.