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Investors accuse Rita Mansour of McDonald Partners of inappropriately recommending alternative investments not appropriately suitable or researched. Investors suffering losses in private investments recommended by Mansour should contact us about a potential action for negligence or fraud.

Rita Mansour is a financial advisor with over 30 years of experience. In the period starting in February 2019 to March 2022, her investors brought four separate suits and the Securities Exchange Commission brought a regulatory suit against her. All these proceedings concern the sale of private placement securities.

The Securities and Exchange Commission found Mansour’s arose from the sales of securities in connection with private securities offerings in the form of pooled investments. McDonald Partners advised the sale of these pooled investment private securities. The investments offered and sold securities to raise bridge funding for the construction of a resort in Montenegro.

Between September 2013 and continuing through January 2017, Mansour’s employer offered and sold more than $14 million in securities issued by the investment to investors located in the United States, including both McDonald’s brokerage customers and its advisory clients.

In October 2016, Mansour’s employer became aware of allegations that their point-person at the Montenegrin entity had misappropriated $488,331 of investor funds. The point-person did this by misusing a debit card belonging to that entity to pay for certain personal expenses. After being confronted with the allegations that this individual had misappropriated funds from the Montenegrin entity, he conceded that he was not entitled to certain of the funds alleged to have been misappropriated. Accordingly, after negotiation, the individual agreed to repay approximately $335,000 that he had allocated to personal expenses. 

Neither Rita Mansour nor McDonald disclosed the misappropriation to existing investors in October 2016. In early 2017, Mansour’s employer then raised approximately $1.5 million in additional funds. These sales of securities issued by PIV2 to both existing security holders and new investors. These included brokerage customers and advisory clients and without disclosing the misappropriation to those investors.

Rita Mansour is alleged to have violated the trust of her investors.
Rita Mansour is alleged to have abused the trust of her investors.