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Ron Filoramo is a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. Filoramo is alleged to have converted the funds of his investors. Please contact us if you are an investor of Mr. Filoramo. Investment firms are required to have supervisory systems. Adequate supervision would have prevented the actions of Filoramo.

Four investor arbitrations all allege that Ron Filoramo advised his clients to invest in certain private investments outside of Morgan Stanley. This itself is fraud. The investors further allege that Filoramo took the funds from their accounts for the investment, but then never made the investment. Current claims seek losses in excess of $800,000. All four suits seek recovery from Morgan Stanley.

Filoramo is a broker and a financial advisor located in Florida. He has worked for Morgan Stanley since 2011. He began his career in 2002.

The aggrieved investors indicate that the actions began in 2016 and continued through 2022. It is possible that Filoramo’s actions extended for a longer period of time.

He identifies himself as a vice president with Morgan Stanley. His office is in Fort Lauderdale.

Jeffrey Pederson has recovered lost and stolen investments for investors for over 20 years. Understanding and proving the supervisory lapses that allows investment theft, such as alleged against Filoramo, takes skill and experience.

Ron Filoramo is alleged to have abused the trust of his investors.
Ron Filoramo is alleged to have abused the trust of his investors.