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The Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) filed a Complaint against Defendants Surage Kamal Roshan Perera (“Perera”) and Janues Capital Incorporated (“Janues”) (collectively, “Defendants”), and Relief Defendant Nishani Alahakoon (“Alahakoon”), alleges that Perera, a former broker, through his firm Janues, defrauded at least one investor out of millions of dollars. This is in addition to the individual suits filed by FINRA and individual investors against Perera and his associates.

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Perera committed fraud by lying to investors about investment opportunities and strategies; stealing the investor’s money by, in part, not purchasing the securities she subscribed to through Janues and using a substantial portion of her money to engage in high volume, highly leveraged trading in other securities; lying to her about non-existent investment profits; and concealing large trading losses.

Perera falsely told at least one investor that his brokerage, Janues, had access to specific restricted securities at discounted prices though connections with large institutions. Perera also claimed to exercise an “options straddles” strategy that would not only prevent any trading losses but also guarantee returns on the investment of at least nine percent and up to as much as 50 percent.

Perera’s false representations convinced at least on investor to give him approximately $4.3 million. Perera did not use the investor’s funds to purchase the securities the investor had subscribed to, and Perera did not engage in the promised “options straddles” to prevent trading losses and generate the profits he had guaranteed. Instead, Perera transferred at least $3.5 million of the investor’s funds to a brokerage account in the name of Perera’s wife, Alahakoon, and Perera used those funds to engage in highly speculative, leveraged trading.

In total, Perera’s trading in securities transactions in his wife’s brokerage account resulted in over $3 million in trading losses. Perera concealed his misappropriation of the investor’s funds and his trading losses by providing the investor with phony trade confirmations and account statements that falsely showed the expected returns, and by using funds received from other sources to partially repay the investor victim.

Roshan Perera ruined the savings of many investors.
Victims of Roshan Perera have recourse.