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Matthew Stucke, currently with Cetera, and previously with Cambridge and Raymond James, is alleged to have inappropriately invested his investors. Please contact us if you were a Stucke investor. We have represented investors for 20 years. We can provide a free and confidential consultation as to whether you were sold inappropriate stock or other investments.

There are currently two suits filed against the employers of Stucke. Details of the allegations reveal that he is accused of mishandling the investments in a discretionary account in a suit filed in July 2023. This suit sought $370,000 in damages and settled for $275,000.

A second suit filed in October 2023 alleges that Stucke recommended unsuitable and overly risky stock investments. The suit seeks damages of approximately $100,000.

Raymond James also, according to Stucke, also forced him out of their employment for investment practices. A FINRA panel found that Raymond James appropriately terminated Stucke in 2020 because of “email communications with clients that violated firm policies, including emails providing clients with limited-distribution investment material without firm approval.”

Stucke had asserted that he was the victim of a conspiracy and sued Raymond James to have the terminations removed. He stated that others at Raymond James conspired against him to take his business.

FINRA denied the attempt by Stucke to have the termination removed from his record. Not only that, FINRA ordered to Stucke to pay back a $1 million loan he had taken with his former employer.

Matthew Stucke is alleged to have inappropriately engaged in investment sales.
The record for Matthew Stucke indicates that he is accused of inappropriate stock sales.