Losses with Rhett Bedwell

If you suffered losses with Rhett Bedwell you may be entitled to to compensation.  Please call 1-866-817-0201 for a free and confidential consultation.


Rhett Bedwell is alleged to have recommended investments into Ponzi investments.

Mr. Bedwell was a broker with LPL until November 2020.  He was terminated for transferring the money from an elderly client’s IRA into investments that were not properly vetted.  These investments were Ponzi-type scams.  Proper vetting, or due diligence, would have recognized the high level of risk of the investment, if not disclosed the Ponzi nature of the investment itself.

Small World Capital and the now defunct, Graysail Capital, and IRA custodian.   Small World has specifically been identified by regulators as a Ponzi-type operation.  

LPL is currently facing an arbitration lawsuit from an investor concerning such actions.  Shortly after the termination of Bedwell by LPL, FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, opened an investigation into Bedwell.  Bedwell refused to cooperated and was expelled from the securities industry.

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