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Ameritrade Option Failure

If you have suffered losses from Ameritrade’s failure to appropriately assign options within its system, please contact our offices at 303-300-5022.

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Substantial damage occurred when Ameritrade confused long and short options.

During the period between February 10 through February 19, 2021, we believe the system of Ameritrade malfunctioned and treated certain long trades and short trades and vice versa.  Investors suffered margin maintenance calls and lost value in their portfolios by the incorrect liquidation of their Ameritrade accounts at low points.

Securities broker-dealers have fiduciary duties to correctly execute trades.  Brokerages also have obligations under Regulation T, and their duty to act in good faith that prevents them from mismarking long trades as short trades.

As such, investors have many avenues to seek recovery when the circumstances occur.  Please call for a free and confidential initial consultation.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Pederson specializes in the handling of suits against securities brokerages.  Such suits are required to resolve their disputes through binding arbitration administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  This is is a specialty only a small percentage of attorneys possess.  Jeffrey Pederson has handled such cases for approximately 20 years.