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Colorado REIT Loss Lawyer

Colorado REIT Loss Lawyer

Jeffrey Pederson is a Colorado REIT loss lawyer, located in the Denver Tech Center and licensed in Colorado since 1998. He has helped hundreds of Colorado residents in securities disputes and recovered substantial sums.

Real estate investment trusts are high-risk securities. Advisors like to sell these investments because commissions can exceed 10% for a REIT while your average blue-chip share of stock generally pays a commission of around 1%.

Financial advisors knew of the downfall of non-traded (not sold on a major stock market) REITs for sometime. Red flags concerning the downfall of the commercial real estate market put these advisors on notice.

Regulators warned advisors of REITs’ high risks over a decade ago. The investments have unique risks, which are commonly not disclosed, in the sale of the high-commission investments. Most REITs are not publicly traded. This means that there is no active market whose price reflects if the investment is in trouble. It also means that there are limited ways to get out of the investment if it does become troubled. The high fees paid to your advisor also erode the ability return in the investment.

The securities industry experienced substantial failures in the REIT market in the past. Attempts to revive REIT trading proved equally futile. This all raises the question of whether advisors and brokers made non-traded REIT recommendations for the investors interests or their own.

REITs that are publicly traded are also too aggressive for certain risk-adverse investors. Rising interest rates puts valuations of all real estate at risk. Broadmark Realty Capital (BRMK), Medical Properties Trust (MPW), and Industrial Logistics Properties (ILPT) were all down 50% for the year as of December 2022.

Your financial advisor is obligated to act in your best interests for investments sold in June 2020 or later. The financial advisor’s duty is to recommend investments that are suitable for your objectives and risk tolerance for earlier investments. Both standards are likely violated if you are sold a REIT and were a conservative or moderate investor. A Colorado REIT loss lawyer can tell you if this standard has been violated in your case.

Rising interest rates often spell trouble for REITS. The fact that your advisor does not control interest rates does not change the fact that a rise in rates is always possible and should be considered as part of the investment’s risk when recommending the REIT investment.

A lawyer actually licensed in Colorado offers Colorado investors with the best chance for recovery. An attorney need only be licensed in some US federal court to arbitrate in Colorado, but that does not mean an attorney from outside of Colorado understands Colorado law. Further, being licensed in Colorado allows your attorney to pursue defendants that are not bound by an arbitration agreement.

REITs are not as secure as usually represented. Recovery requires a REIT loss lawyer.
REIT losses by Colorado residents require a Colorado REIT loss lawyer experienced in obtaining recovery through FINRA arbitration.