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Missouri Investment Fraud and Negligence

Missouri Investment Fraud and Negligence

Many investors in Missouri are the victims of investment fraud and negligence and do not know it. Fraud and negligence can take many forms but always result in a loss of hard-earned savings. The right attorney will help you recover those losses. To discuss your potential matter call 844-253-5858 toll-free.

Whether the losses are due to an advisor recommending high risk investments to obtain a higher commissions, selling illiquid investments to those who need access to their funds, or any of the other countless forms of negligence and fraud, recourse exists.

Most recoveries are through arbitration. Arbitration clauses exist in most advisory agreements and account opening forms. An arbitration venue is a relatively quick process with limited discovery.

The Missouri Securities Act protects Missouri investors from fraud and imposes many duties upon those selling securities in Missouri. This is a comprehensive statute and offers greater protection to investors than can be found in many other states.

Investors in Missouri are also protected by federal and state regulators but they often do not have the time or resources to pursue all claims and often cannot provided individualized relief. A private attorney usually offers investors the best chances of recovery.

Representation on a contingency fee basis is available for most cases. This means that the attorney fee is contingent upon the successful resolution of the case.

Advisors committing Missouri investment fraud and negligence have ruined the savings of many investors.
Missouri investment fraud and negligence victims have recourse.

Disclosure:  Actions against any Missouri stockbroker or brokerage firms is generally required to be arbitrated as opposed to litigated.  Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution.  Jeffrey Pederson is a lawyer who has handled hundreds of similar securities arbitration cases.  Attorneys from outside Missouri regularly handling such arbitrations and are permitted to arbitrate cases in Texas if licensed in another jurisdiction within the United States. While this posting is intended for informational purposes, some jurisdictions may consider it advertising material. See for information on physical locations and other contact information.