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On December 25, 2023, KBS REIT III trustees cautioned that the REIT could experience sweeping defaults in 2024. We have represented REIT and other investors for over 20 years. Call to learn your options in recovering REIT loss. The ominous warning, released on a...
Recover REIT Loss

Recover REIT Loss

REIT loss can be recoverable. Not every investment is appropriate for every investor. REITs are speculative investments exposing investors to a level of risk investors never intended to take. The level of risk in these investments is often misrepresented by advisors...

Recovery of FIP Loss

Investors suffering FIP, future income payments, loss may be entitled to recovery including losses from the scheme of Scott Kohn. We are a firm focused on obtaining recovery for investors, such as those sustaining loss from FIP investments. FINRA, the Financial...
GWG L Bond Inappropriate for Investors

GWG L Bond Inappropriate for Investors

The SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, states that broker sales of the GWG L Bond are inappropriate for most investors in a recently filed complaint. Regulation Best Interest (BI) and/or the FINRA suitability rule require that financial advisors recommend...

ETFs from Pursche Kaplan Sterling

Please call 303-300-5022 if you have been sold a leveraged or inverse ETFs by brokers at Pursche Kaplan Sterling. Leveraged ETFs are ETFs with returns based upon some underlying multiplier of a commodity or index (2x S&P, 3x Gold, 2x Russell 2000, etc.). Inverse...