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Wire Fraud Lawyer

Wire Fraud Lawyer

Wire fraud and other cyber security victims have recourse. We have successfully represented victims induced to wire funds due to false or fraudulent wire instructions from broker or criminals acting as brokers. Please contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

Criminal cases are often ineffective to recover funds taken by cyber investment fraud. We can file suit identifying the various regulatory and industry standards by those charged with overseeing accounts.

The FBI has identified the various types of cyber threats that financial institutions should be aware and guard against.

The FBI is currently investigating over 400 reported cases of corporate account takeovers in which cyber criminals have initiated unauthorized ACH and wire transfers from the bank accounts of U.S. businesses. These cases involve the attempted theft of over $255 million and have resulted in the actual loss of approximately $85 million.

Often, the attack vector is a targeted phishing e-mail that contains either an infected file or a link to an infected website. The e-mail recipient of the wire fraud is generally a person within a targeted company who can initiate fund transfers on behalf of the business or another valid online banking credential account holder. Once the recipient opens the attachment or navigates to the website, malware is installed on the user’s computer, which often includes a keylogging program that harvests the user’s online banking credentials.

The criminal then either creates another account or directly initiates a funds transfer masquerading as the legitimate user. The stolen funds are often then transferred overseas. Victims of this type of scheme have included small and medium-sized business, local governments, school districts, and health care service providers.

In 2008, a Pennsylvania school district discovered that over $450,000 was missing from their bank account. The following year, a New York school district reported that approximately $3 million had been transferred out of their bank account. The New York’s school district’s bank was able to recover some of the transfers, but $500,000 had already been withdrawn from the account before the transaction could be reversed.

Wire fraud cost investors millions.
Wire fraud where investors are induced to wire funds to a criminal cost investors millions.